The summer has finally arrived (YAY!!!) and I’m thrilled. Not only does this mean I can turn off my electric blanket (I know its May but in my defence I live in a very drafty house and I am a chilly person!) but it also means the outside is SO much more pleasant. Walking and cycling and eating outside are all now daily options rather than huddling inside away from the cold. It seems like the winter has gone on forever!! And I can feel that my vitamin D is low! My body is craving the summer.

Also I can now do my favourite thing of all outside which you may have guessed is my yoga practice. My website, as you may have noticed is quite earthy and most…if not all of the photos on here are of me practising yoga outside. I love being outside and I’m lucky and very blessed in that I have a lovely garden to practise yoga in. I am also lucky to have many beautiful spaces near to where I live for outdoor activities.

Now yoga is a barefoot practice and I have been called ‘anti-sock’. I have students who prefer to practise in their socks, which is fine. Some people feel uncomfortable exposing their feet and I say it all the time- I’m not in to forcing people into doing things they don’t want to do!

I was recently made aware of a YouTube video called ‘The Science of Grounding’. In this film it talks about how our bodies are designed to be connected to the earth physically on a daily basis. This connection to the earth can reduce chronic inflammation, help you to sleep better, relieve depression and anxiety and generally help you to feel connected to and mindful of this beautiful planet we live on. It is proven that grounding with our bare feet on the earth supports our body as a whole – specifically organ systems down to the tissues, and also the cellular function of your entire body. This makes perfect sense to me. I hated wearing shoes as a kid and I have been known to do the school run barefoot! I always just ‘feel better’ in myself when I am grounded to the earth in this way.
So maybe this glorious (in comparison to the freezing cold) weather is an opportunity to conduct an experiment. Even if it’s just in your garden – go barefoot on the earth a little every day and see if you notice any benefits to your mind, body or soul. I would love to hear how a grounding practice has benefited you. I know it makes a difference to my life.

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for some park yoga classes coming soon!

Author: Hannah Harris

Hannah Harris – founder of Yoga in the Earth

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