About Yoga in the Earth

My Healing Mission

I am a woman on a mission to make healing accessible to all. I aim to create a nourishing space which nurtures the individual holistically – for mind, body and soul. The intention is to facilitate my clients in having a deeper connection to themselves so they may experience a deeper connection to the world surrounding them; valuing themselves, having healthy boundaries, and knowing that they can handle what life throws their way. I want my clients to remember they are enough exactly as they are and that they are so worthy of prioritising themselves and their healing practises.

About Me

I am an awesome woman, wife and mother to four girls. I live in rural Suffolk and I have a Studio and Treatment Room in the basement of my house. My own journey has seen me move from not feeling worthy, not good enough for myself and not good enough for anyone else; always striving to be better and do better in an attempt to prove myself. Through a deeply healing journey with yoga therapy, connecting with my body and her innate wisdom, I am now totally comfortable in my own skin; I know I am enough. I wish this same feeling for every other human.

I have been practising yoga on and off since 2005, whilst at College and throughout two of my four pregnancies. These days, I have a daily yoga routine that nourishes my body and connects me to myself, so I may go in to the world in the best way I can; for myself, loved ones and my clients.

Yoga in the Earth

My basement Studio, which is in my home in rural Suffolk, is a womb within the earth for my clients to be exactly who they are. The space has an extremely healing and grounding energy and creates an atmosphere where people can be whatever, and wherever, they need to be as they journey towards healing.

My Qualifications

  • 200h CamYoga Teaching Diploma
  • Extensive Yoga anatomy training – with Lesley Kaminoff
  • 60h Restorative Yoga – with Beverly Nolan and Tiffiany Thorne
  • 22h level 2 Restorative Yoga – with Anna Ashby
  • ‘Yoga for all’ inclusive yoga teacher training – with Dianne Bondy and Amber Karnes
  • CamYoga award in teaching yoga for pregnancy.
  • 550h Yoga United Professional Yoga Therapist
  • Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology
  • Thai Bodywork Practioner in Training – 300h Institute of Thai Yoga Massage

My Book

You can now order copies of my ebook, A Body Acceptance Journey. A 30-day support pack for honouring and valuing yourself and you body as it is!

Body Acceptance Ebook Hannah Harris

  • This eBook will show you how to implement a daily practise that supports you and your body. These practises will show you how to nourish yourself and care for your body. The eBook provides a guided meditation to listen to, body acceptance practises to show your body care, and journal prompts that will ask difficult questions, the answers to which will set you free. More benefits of this eBook will be a deeper connection to your innate wisdom and body, to build more confidence and the ability to connect to and accept your body in a more positive way. Another helpful benefit is positive affirmations that you may find useful to implement daily, or you can create your own using the suggested ones in this eBook. I understand your hesitation and trepidation, as this journey can be a difficult one, one that I personally have been on myself. I would encourage you to be brave, don’t delay and start the miraculous journey back to yourself.