Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga – Yoga to relieve and/or heal

Yoga Classes

I teach small, private restorative yoga classes from my basement, usually about once a month.

Please follow me on Facebook and check my Events to receive updates of these classes. I offer sliding scale prices for these – £15, £20, or £25 depending on your income. They are usually 90 minutes long and held on a Monday evening.

Restorative yoga consists of long-held forms where your body is fully supported by props. There is usually a sound bath where I play my crystal singing bowls. These classes are restorative, nurturing, healing, restful, and meditative. The classes usually also include Pranayama (breathwork), Mantra (chanting), seated meditation, and some gentle movement.

Small Private Yoga Classes

I offer small private classes for up to eight people, with a minimum of five. These can be in person or via Zoom.

“Amazing, thank you for such a special day Hannah.”

Mini Retreat

Small private Yoga classes 20 per person.

1-2-1 Yoga Class

Yoga in the Earth Studio

Private one-to-one yoga classes are available either in my studio or in your home (depending on location), These sessions are tailored to your needs taking into consideration any health conditions you may be living with.

“Hannah is amazing, such a patient and intuitive teacher and just lovely. I can’t recommend her enough! I’ve learnt so much and come so far under her watchful gaze and gentle guidance.”

1-2-1 Yoga Classes

We can cover any aspect of yoga you are interested in and work on areas of your body and mind dictated by you. I will write you a home practice so you can practice on your own. As always beginners are very welcome. Please contact me to book a private session a 50% deposit will be required to book.

A 1-2-1 class with your intentions in mind and tailored to relieve any health issues you are experiencing. This can be in person or via Zoom. 75 minutes, £60.

1-2-1 Yoga Therapy Sessions

Working with your very specific intention, what needs to be healed and/or relieved in your life? (This may include anxiety, depression, feeling stuck, feeling less than, dissatisfaction, physical pain, emotional pain).

Using the sacred tools of yoga to go inward, I will support you to allow your body to show you the answers, and I believe without doubt you have all you need within you to heal and move forward. I will support you to access that wisdom.

Tools of yoga may include Asana (postures), Pranayama (breath work), Mantra (chanting), guided meditation, Kriya (cleansing techniques), movement, yoga nidra (yogic sleep), mudra (gestures) and restorative yoga.

The session may include practises to take home with you and I encourage regular yoga practise for self-care, self-study and self-connection.

No yoga experience is necessary.

“Hannah is fantastic at bringing the calm to your mind with guided meditations and yoga nidra. Hannah has given me some practices to do to balance my nervous system which I have been doing most days and must admit it really does work. I would 100% recommend Hannah.”

1-2-1 Yoga Therapy

Please contact me to book a 1-2-1 session. 75 minutes long and cost £60.

Accessible Yoga

I am skilled in making yoga accessible for all and believe strongly that it should be. You don’t need to be flexible or ‘fit’ (whatever that means). You don’t even need to be able to get on the floor. I can adapt all yoga specifically for your personal needs.

Please get in touch if you have a group of folks interested in yoga with any sort of special physical or emotional needs. I have experience in teaching yoga to adults with varied disabilities and also experience in teaching chair yoga to folks with dementia.