Thai Bodywork

I am a Thai Bodywork Practitioner; a 300h student of Natasha de Grunwald from the London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage. Thai bodywork and massage cares for the five layers of the body, relieving aches, pains, sciatica, muscle pain, and joint pain.

There are techniques in Thai bodywork that can correct imbalances and release stagnation in your body. Thai massage is totally amazing at relieving pain in the physical body. I use an array of therapeutic tools and techniques including not only many Thai massage techniques but also warm herbal compresses, balms, and oils, along with more subtle techniques.

A lot of Thai massage (but not all) is done over the clothes and clients lie on a thick mat on the floor, although I make every effort to make Thai massage accessible for individuals.

1 hr £60, 90 minutes £80.

I welcome, and encourage, questions and enquiries about my services and also offer a 20-minute free consultation via telephone to discuss your needs. Please do get in touch.